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Our Partnerships

A huge part of our success here at Pitter Patter is due to the partners that we have made along the way. Community is important to us and our values, with the relationships being equally as important. 

TriShare Partnering with TriShare allows qualifying families to lower their child care costs by 66%! One third is paid by the family, one third is paid for by the family's employer, and one third would be covered by the State of Michigan.

Grand Traverse Baby Pantry The Grand Traverse Baby Pantry offers monthly to Infant/Toddler families gently used clothing (up to 4T), diapers, shoes, books, wipes, pull ups, snacks, formula, and toys.

MSU Extension/Father Fred/Born to Read Big thanks to Pitter Patter’s own Michelle and Amanda Stark, a partnership between Father Fred and MSU Extension was formed to create Pantry to Preschool. Bi-weekly boxes are delivered to our centers that include fresh and staple ingredients to create a meal for four along with a corresponding recipe with photos for easier use. 

10 Cents A Meal 10 Cents a Meal is an additional financial award paid out by CACFP for using fresh produce in our food program

ACD ACD is the partner program that monitors our nutrition program and reports to the CACFP/USDA which reimburses our center for the meals and snacks we serve. ACD provides trainings, guidance and oversight to ensure highest quality of nutrition.

Great Start to Quality Great Start to Quality provides staff training opportunities, a lending library, and the quality improvement plan.

Head Start/Early Head Start HS/EHS provides tuition funding for families to utilize our child care services. HS/EHS standards assure high quality care and additional support for families

Interlochen Center for the Arts ICA partners with us by leasing building space for our Interlochen location. PP ensures priority placement for ICA employees within our center. ICA also supports with campus safety, some maintenance and upkeep of grounds and building.

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